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Mental Health Peer Support Meeting for LGBTQ


【英語話者対象】メンタルヘルスピアサポートミーティング<br>Mental Health Peer Support Meeting for LGBTQ




Colourful Heart is a Tokyo-based peer support organisation for members of the LGBTQ community with mental health, neuro-developmental and/or addiction issues. We host a group meeting (Colourful Meeting) for queer English speakers every month, where we offer attendants a safe space to talk about their issues and share their stories in English.

*please note; PRE-REGISTRATION is mandatory.

[Date and Time]Sunday, 23rd April 2023
*The meeting room opens at 1.30pm

[Venue]Smile Nakano
4th Floor Meeting Room
5-68-7 Nakano, Nakano-ku Tokyo

[This Meeting is For:]-Anyone who identifies as queer (LGBTQIA+ etc) and has mental health issues and/or addiction problems (diagnosed/undiagnosed).

If you haven’t registered, you will not be allowed to join on the day. Please preregister from the bottom of this form.

イベント名 【英語話者対象】メンタルヘルスピアサポートミーティング
Mental Health Peer Support Meeting for LGBTQ
開催日時 4月23日(日) 14:00-16:00

参加方法/会場 Smile Nakano 4th Floor Meeting Room スマイルなかの4F多目的室
参加URL/会場住所 Smile Nakano 5-68-7 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
参加費(円) 有り200
定員(人) 10
対象 セクシュアリティ制限有り:Anyone who identifies as queer (LGBTQ) and has mental health issues.
事前申込の必要性 事前申込必須
主催 Colourful Heart